Limited tools should not limit one's imagination

Free Woodworking Project Plans
A list of all Amateur Woodworker projects, organized by rooms in the home.

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DIY Woodworking for Everyone

Amateur Woodworker is a free resource enjoyed by many in the DIY woodworking community. We provide a large number of free woodworking plans. Unfortunately, while it is free to read, it's not free to keep afloat. We have considered many alternatives, such as charging for access to individual plans or having an annual subscription, but none of these seem to sit right with us. We want Amateur Woodworker to continue providing free and open access to one and all. So please consider donating a small sum to help keep Amateur Woodworker on the Web.

Wood Finishes
Choosing the right finish is key to making your new masterpiece a long-standing household item.

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Wood Joints
Describes all joints used in current and past projects. As projects require new methods of joining wood, this section will be expanded.

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Tool Glossary
Picking the right tools is key to building up a workshop. This section explains all the key tools that you will (eventually) want to own.

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Wood Types
With so many wood types available, picking the right one can be a challenge, but the more distinctive the wood, the better the result.

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All work and no play will even make woodworking seem dull. So take a break and play the Concentration Game.

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About Amateur Woodworker
Our philosophy on Woodworking and why we keep Amateur Woodworker alive and well on the Net.

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