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All contents of this Web Site remain the property of Amateur Woodworker.

Amateur Woodworker is an Internet-only publication, based in Sterling, Virginia, that has no paper-based version. Any similarity between this publication and any paper-based magazine is sheer coincidence. It is not our intention to attempt to mimic any other publication that is available to either the general public, or trade.

Reproduction of this magazine is permitted solely for the purpose of building the products mentioned herein. Therefore, all diagrams and photographs relevant to individual projects may be copied. However, republishing of the material herein is prohibited, in accordance with Copyright Laws.

While we pride ourselves on offering a high degree of accurate information, Amateur Woodworker assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information described within this publication. The magazine strongly advises that all measurements be checked for accuracy.

Furthermore, Amateur Woodworker accepts no responsibility for any injuries that may occur while making or using any of the projects published within this magazine. All readers build these projects at their own risk, and do so only after understanding how their power and hand tools work.