Free DIY Woodworking Project Plans

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  Paper Towel Holder
A quick and easy project for anyone fed-up with the common plastic towel holders
Simple trivet using old scraps of wood. A one or two day easy project
  Garbage Can
Stop hiding your garbage can. Instead, turn it into a stylish addition to the kitchen
Cookbook Holder
A cookbook holder that owes much of its design to music stand design
Knife Block
Build a knife block design to fit all of your knifes, rather than buying a shop design.
Bread Box
A standard, front entry bread box design.
Breakfast Bar
A stylish breakfast bar built out of white oak. Design by Keith Antolik.
About AW  
  Bathroom and Hallway
    Bathroom Unit
Curved under sink unit saves space in small bathrooms and looks fantastic.
  Coat Rack
Designed to fit in a small hallway when a coat closet isn't an option.
  Simple Corner Shelving
Plywood shelves with pine edging gives the effect of thicker shelving units.
  Living Room
  Entertainment Center (advanced)
A small Entertainment center that hides everything but the TV itself.
  DVD / Blu-ray / CD Cabinet
Mission-style cabinet to hide away all of your CDs
  Magazine Rack
An easy weekend project using odds and ends from the workshop
  Entertainment Center (basic)
An "open plan" entertainment center with no doors or hidden features
  Storage Chest
Dual purpose storage chest and primitive coffee table in one.
  Shelving Unit
Stylish shelving built on columns, with no back or sides
Ergonomic Stool
Good for your back when stuck in front of a computer, and easy to store away

Desk Clock
An ideal holiday present for the uncle who already has almost everything...

  Zen Rock Garden
Get tranquility back into the office with a stylish rock garden design
Desk Organizer
Store your papers in a more orderly fashion. With small drawers for those little junk items.
Baby Changing Table
Changing tables are wonderful, but very expensive. Building your own saves a lot of money.
  Chest of Drawers
A surprisingly easy project that can be finished in a weekend
  Curved Bedside Cabinets
Make more interesting bedside cabinets by adding a curve or two
Compact TV Stand
This TV Stand is designed to take up as little space as possible.
Miscellaneous Household Items
Chinese Scroll Frame
How to show a scroll without unrolling it all? Build a frame that allows you to "scroll" though it of course!.
  Quilt Hanger
A very simple project allowing you to hang quilts on the wall.
  Picture Frame
A frame that provides a sense of depth to the picture within.

Puzzle Box
Based on an old Japanese style of concealing the mechanism that allows the box to open.


Carved Owl
A variation from our usual theme, focusing on basic carving skills.

  Artist's Easel
Expensive to buy, easy to make!
Mah Jong Box
While not everyone needs a box for an old Mah Jong set, this box can also serve as a jewelry box
  Chinese Abacus Lamp
A low-light lamp to provide interesting shadows through the use of two abaci .
  Mission-Style Lamp
A weekend lamp project that doesn't require a lathe.
Twisted Lamps
These lamps were built with just two power tools: a jigsaw and a drill.
  Japanese Lamp
A stylish Japanese-syle lamp made with Cherry
The Workshop
Workshop Bench
This bench uses 2x4s to produce a cheap, functional solution that can be built in a day.
Storage Shelving
Functional storage shelving is a must in any workshop. This uses 2x3s as the main lumber.
Chisel Sharpening Jig
Sharpening chisels is a pain, but a Jig makes the task much easier.
Router Table
Provides a 15" workable area, as well as free-form routing.
Chisel Cabinet
Chisels are expensive and blunt easily. So store them carefully in a custom cabinet.
Bird Nesting Box
Not all bird boxes have to be square. WIth a little patience, you can give your birds a much nicer home.
Bird Table
A simple feeding table with a roof for the birds to shelter under.
Bird Seed Feeder
Rather than food scraps , this feeder is designed for bird seed, keeping the birds fed all winter long.
Adirondack Chairs
A drill, jigsaw and some planks of pine can quickly be turned into a comfortable garden chair.
Adirondack Two-Seater Rocker
For the slightly more adventurous, we've added a two-seater rocking chair to complement the standard chairs
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